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Monday, November 20, 2017

Sex accusations and you and me

You know what kind of day it's been when you think to yourself, "This might be a good day to check headlines and do a Newspage Go! post, and the first thing you see is that Charlie Rose is the latest to get busted for being just to the left of chivalrous towards women.

And I don't mean to make terribly light of the situation.  Without trying to make any political hay on this, we are learning just how pervasive sexual inappropriateness has become in our society.  And while the vast majority of those being, shall we say, exposed of late have been men in the entertainment industry, it is just a tip of a VERY big iceberg.  I couldn't help but notice how many female teachers at high schools- and MIDDLE schools- have been busted lately for sex with students.  If so minded I could give you a list of 10 female teachers- from 22 to 40 years old, from Bible belt midwest to Medellin, Columbia- who have been arrested for sex with a minor student SINCE OCTOBER 27.  One fricking month.

And what makes it bad is that there was one man similarly charged for each woman.  Or close to.

So we spend a lot of time on the news debating the "culture of Hollywood", that it was part of the game, and naively pretend it isn't just a cross section of society.  And depending on what level we want to take it down to, a valid point could be made that we've ALL been guilty.  I know I have.

And we look on in lurid fascination as one media darling after another gets blown up by accusations.  You know, accusations?  They used to be the beginning of justice, and now they are the vehicle of vengeance.  Years of nod-nod wink-wink acceptance has made it so that victims only feel they can get equity under the glare of the media lights.  And we snap up the articles of (disproportionately) barely-out-of-high-school teachers, bubbly blondes and big busted brunettes, and retell the joke about, boy, if I'd been in school when...  and forget about the guys doing the same thing while we growl, I'd fire him with a 30-aught if he did that with MY daughter.

And maybe we see a little bit more why some women wait so long to tell their story.  A caller to Rush Limbaugh the other day told about his step-daughter, who at 14 had to get therapy from the school trainer, who stuck his tongue down her throat and his hand down her pants.  They told the school, the cops, everybody said it was a "he said, she said" deal and blew it off.  Years of therapy, counselling, drugs, and despair followed.  Never recovering from it, she committed suicide at 48.

Think about that.  30 seconds of being a "big man" led to 34 years of hell on earth.

And knowing this, I STILL laughed when I saw Charlie's picture up there.  Because he's one of those self-righteous asses who busted Trump for telling an off-color joke and pretending Juanita Broaddrick never existed.  All the while knowing he'd done the same thing.  And Weinstein did the same thing. And George Takei.  And on and on.

And knowing in my heart that but for Christ, I would have been worse than them all.

So go ahead and chuckle, if you've a mind to.  But let it be chuckle that says, "Welcome to the club."

Friday, November 17, 2017

Time Machine co-ordinates VIXXIX457111762

Today we go to November 11th, 1962, where a 185-day-old little Time Lord was watching the world with rapt attention.

Little Time Lord with just as little niece, 1962
And he saw today a couple of things.  First, he watched the news and saw this:

On Nov. 17, 1962, J. Edgar Hoovers’ FBI cracked a terrorist plot (though the term "terrorist" was not used at the time) by Castro-Cuban agents that targeted Macy’s, Gimbel’s, Bloomingdale's and Manhattan’s Grand Central Station with a dozen incendiary devices and 500 kilos of TNT. The holocaust was set to go off the following week, the day after Thanksgiving.

Quickly Turning to sports, he saw this:

 ...The 1962 game (Georgia Tech- Alabama) in Atlanta. The Tide came to town 8-0, ranked #1 in the country. They hadn't lost in 26 straight games, a streak that stretched over three seasons. Joe Namath was the superstar sophomore quarterback of the Tide facing Tech's own sophomore QB Billy Lothridge. To make a long story short, Tech led all game 7-0. In the waning seconds of the game, Namath finally drove Bama down the field and scored a TD. Instead of taking the tie, Bear went for 2 and the 2 point conversion was intercepted preserving Tech's lead and the eventual upset of the juggernaut Crimson Tide.

Which he no doubt enjoyed a lot more.  And we will go looking into the music he was hearing, including another big winner on the Panel picks- missed lapping the field by 2 votes; what the movie To nisi ton genneon has to do with the 6D (and what exactly it means); the Philly cop bringing us the latest dance craze; and 2 new M10 debuts!  Joe Namath will guarantee a good time on this one... if he were here (and skipped the lead-in), that is...


So I had to start notebook #2 for the M10 this week, and as I packed some records from the old one in it, I learned that our second debut will be the 178th main act to make the chart!  But our FIRST debut has the MOST charting singles- and adds number six this week!  At #10, here's Molly Rankin and Alvvays...


This week, we have a special treat!  Not only do we have Jimmy Dean, sausage maker extraordinaire and star of the '60s TV show Daniel Boone (as well as a Country HOFer), but he brought along his partner, ol' Dan hisself, Fess Parker!

Guys, this is a great honor for me!  My entire childhood was watching you guys on TV and then going to my room to shoot Redcoats, Tories, and Indians!

J:  Sounds like yew shoulda got out more...

Well, I exaggerate a little...

Chris' niece from up above:  Not very much...

Hey, hush, Robin!  Anyway, I tried to be like you, Dan- I mean, Fess.  I had a hat with one of those snap-straps that I pretended was a coonskin cap, I had Mom sew bedspread fringes on the arms of one of my shirts, even got to borrow one of her knives to "mark a trail" in the woods!

F: Sure hope you didn't hurt yourself like I did that one episode.

J: So yeah, how'd that turn out?

Well, my "backpack" was a paper shopping bag, the knife cut its way out on the way home.  I was scared to tell Mom because she said, "This is my good knife", but she never said anything, so in retrospect I think she might have fibbed...

J:  (Shakes head)

F: Maybe we aught get to these songs...

Okay, so you got nine candidates from 34 stations.

J: And the first one is Bent Fabric with Alley Cat.  It was #40 and falling this week on Cashbox...

Which is what we call, "Not getting the memo on that vote."

F: Uh, yeah.  Next comes Big Girls Don't Cry by Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons, this week's #1 on Cashbox.

J:  Fine song.  I wonder how he gets his voice up so high.

F: Cain't yew do it?

J:  Not in these underwear.  Then comes Marcie Blaine with Bobby's Girl, at #9.

F:  And next is the Orlons with Don't Hang Up at # 8.

J: The Crystals come next, they was #4 with He's A Rebel.

F: Herb Alpert and the Tee-jew-ana Brass was at #22 with The Lonely Bull.

J:  Prob'ly because his buddies was all steaks.  Now, Chris, yew wanted to explain these next two?

Yeah, Dick Dale and his Deltones had two different songs claim #1 votes- and as far as I could tell, neither one was even released as a single!  One of them was the oft-covered Miserlou; the other was called Peppermint Man.  I'm thinking there were a couple of djs somewhere with bro-crushes...

F: With WHUT?

J:  Yew know, Like Albert Salmi was with ol' Cincinnatus...

Ah heard that, yew little twerp...
J:  Uh, anyway... (How'd he get in here?)... Next up was Gene Pitney's Only Love Can Break Your Heart, at #5...

F:  Then comes Elvis Presley with Return To Sender.  He was at #2.  Bet he don't like that...

He never does, sigh.

J: Next is Road Hog by John D Loudermilk.  He's the feller that wrote Indian Reservation and Tobacco Road.

F:  Both fine songs.  Lastly was Telstar by the Tornados, which was movin' up fast at #38.

Wow, Great job, guys, I had a blast.

J: Shoot, this ain't nothin'.  Lemme get that jug out back an' we'll...

Ixnay on that, you'll just attract George Jones, and I'm over my quota for guests as it is.  So anyway, like I said above, one of these tunes nearly lapped the field, grabbing 16 of the 34 votes.  But who was it?  The Four Seasons?  Elvis? Marcie Blaine? Or the Crystals?  Take a guess and find out a bit later on.  For now...


What do Chris Montez's Call Me and the Vogues' You're The One have in common besides being top ten hits?  Well, they were written by a team at the time known as the UK's Bacharach and Warwick- Petula Clark and Tony Hatch. One of their big hits that Petula sang was Downtown, which was not only big here, but was one of her 4 #1s in Italy, sung in the native tongue!  One of the other #1s for Petula in Italy was I Will Follow Him.  You know that song by Little Peggy March, likely;  what you might not know was that the tune was originally the instrumental Chariot, written by Frank Pourcel and Paul (Love Is Blue)  Mariat! The English lyrics to it were contributed by Artur Attman- and he also wrote English lyrics to that Greek movie (Which translates to Island Of The Brave)  theme mentioned above- lyrics that became Brenda Lee's #3 this week, All Alone Am I, which got NO Panel votes.


Our second debut comes from a Nashville duo who have a real Astrud Gilberto/Sergio Mendes vibe to them.  At #9, I give you Escondido...


Stat Pack Time:

I knew a whopping 32 songs on this week's hot 100.

The #62 in '62 belonged to Mark Valentino, a very hard person to track down, as this was his only dip into the charts before leaving music to become a cop in Philadelphia.  His tune was a rather limited dance craze tune, called The Push And Kick.  Next month, it would make it to #27.  It was written by the slightly more famous Eddie Rambeau, whose bigger claim to fame was writing an old favorite- Diane Renay's Navy Blue.

The #101 song belonged to Jimmie Rodgers, the one who had the big hit with Honeycomb back in '57.  This time, he was sorta charting with the 11th song in a 7-year, 25 song missed-the-top-40 streak, a #62 peaker called Rainbow At Midnight.

The big mover belonged to Nat King Cole with Dear Lonely Hearts, which blew up 25 spots from 84 to 59.  The follow up to Rambling Rose (which was also on the chart, on the way down at #27), it would peak at #13 on Billboard.

And on the UK chart, we had Frank (I Remember You ) Ifield with Lovesick Blues, which wasn't on the US charts at the moment, and would only ever get to #44 here.  Chris Montez cops another mention this week as his Let's Dance was the UK runner up. And our CB number one was NOT on the UK chart at the time- Big Girls Don't Cry wouldn't chart there until the end of next January. The highest here that charted there was Chubby Checker's Limbo Rock, which was #6 here but 38 there; and our #38 was the biggest one from their chart on ours as well, with Telstar sitting at their #4 slot.  How's that for a patented Martin Statistical Anomaly?


And now, the rest of the M10:

8 last week, 8 this week- Tom Petty's former #1, Walls (No. 3).

7 is Alvvays with Your Type, falling from 3 in week #8.

Plume Of Feathers moves 3 to #6 with Rhyl Love.

Up one more notch before it likely gets stuck, UDL with Rewind at 5.

The Shacks check in at #4, up one spot with Fly Fishing.

The top three this week, I told Laurie, was basically #s 1A, 1B, and 1C.  Whichever way you like it, Dent May moves up a spot with Picture On A Screen.

Which means the Derevs hold another week at #2 with Something Good, and the #1 again this week- and settling in for a long stay-

Mo Kenney and Unglued!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And the Panel vote?  Well, the Crystals got 5.8%...

Marcie Blaine got 8.8%....

Elvis got... (I hope he's not looking...)  11.8%...

And the winner, with 47% of the vote...

Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons with Big Girls Don't Cry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Next time, 1963!

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Fun with Russia

In doing my abnormal tour of news sites not dedicated to which Hollywood wheel did what to whom, or which doer/doee is complaining about Trump doing/not doing them now, I noticed a slightly elevated level of slightly amusing articles on our good friends in Russia.  Thought I'd share my take on a few.

First up, it would seem Putin has stumbled onto a brand new way of "draining the swamp."  Let me share the first part of the BBC article:

Two Russian officials say they were expected to lie down as armoured personnel carriers were driven over them as part of a new training programme for future regional governors.
The two participants in the course, who wished to remain anonymous, told the RBC news portal that they also had to make parachute jumps, throw hand grenades, and fire pistols and automatic weapons.
"Three hopefuls left after the parachute jumps with leg injuries, and another with a bad back," one participant said. "The jumps were designed for guys weighing 60-70 kg, not 100 kg (16 stone)," he said, adding that he couldn't explain what the aim of the exercise was.
The other participant was clearer on this, saying "anyone who hasn't yet been appointed" to a senior post has to take part, in order to develop their "military endurance and readiness for defence".

So this turns out to be a controversial and pretty extensive course, which at first blush makes one wonder if the point isn't to convince old and out of step politicos to retire.  In addition to training at a military base, footage has apparently surfaced of gubernatorial candidates jumping into a waterfall gorge near Sochi, as well as classroom work, guest lecturers and field trips to Malaysia and Singapore for some unexplained reason.  And it isn't exactly something everyone wants to talk about...

RBC approached some of the 40 other officials who allegedly took part in the course, including a number of MPs, but none would confirm their participation and one flatly denied it.

You gotta admit, the thought of putting Pelosi, McCain, Hillary, McConnell, or John Boehner through this is appealing.  But Harry Reid?  Maybe not, seeing's as he "got beat up by a treadmill".  A Union treadmill, no doubt.

The next lovely story comes from my friends in the KHL.  Dinamo Minsk was hosting old rival Spartak on Halloween, and decided to announce a costume contest.  Dress up, post you in your costume at the game to various appropriately hashtagged social media, and have everyone vote on the winner.

Two problems with this idea.  The team passed on the contest to everyone BUT the league and the police that worked the stadium.  AND, they forgot- but the police didn't- this crucial part of league rules:

clothes and other means of concealing the identity, meaning that masks and make-up that make identifying fans difficult are not allowed

Which means anyone whose costuming involved full face paint or a mask got stopped and told to remove the masks or themselves.  Which left us with this winner, with 30% of the vote:

Congrats, I guess...

Third story is an embarrassing, "I gotcha- oops, no I don't" that one might think couldn't happen outside the DNC.  I'll just put up the lead of the story...

Russia's Ministry of Defence has posted what it called "irrefutable proof" of the US aiding so-called Islamic State - but one of the images was actually taken from a video game.
The ministry claimed the image showed an IS convoy leaving a Syrian town last week aided by US forces.
Instead, it came from the smartphone game AC-130 Gunship Simulator: Special Ops Squadron.
The ministry said an employee had mistakenly attached the photo.
The Conflict Intelligence Team fact-checking group said the other four provided were also errors, taken from a June 2016 video which showed the Iraqi Air Force attacking IS in Iraq.

The response from US- Coalition spokesman Col. Ryan Dillon:

"I certainly can't verify, but I've seen the report that one of the pictures came from a video game. So, again that is pretty consistent with what we have seen come out of Russian MoD, as being baseless, inaccurate and you know, completely false," he said.

Next up came this tale from the Moscow Times:

At least one in three Russians have paid a bribe for public services over the past year, Transparency International’s new global survey has revealed.

To which I chuckled to myself, "Down from three of five in 1988."

And why do I not really care about supposed Russian influence in the US election?  Because stupid people will vote for whoever stupid people vote for.  As an example, I give you an excerpt from an article on Russia allegedly hacking utilities in the UK:

To coincide with its event, the Times also published details of a new study into how Russia used Twitter to influence 2016's Brexit referendum.
The research indicates that more than 156,000 Russia-based accounts - many of them automated bots - mentioned #Brexit in original posts or retweets in the days surrounding the vote.

Lesson to be learned- try to be more intelligent that to get your "facts" from social media.  Except this blog, which is 100%.  (100% what open to debate)

And finally an article on the Times on  their feature page on the 100th anniversary of the October Revolution.  This one is headlined "Why the 1917 Revolution was bad for the Russian economy today".  While this, in the right hands, could become a devastating comedy piece, the author does make the valid point of the one thing Bolshevism did right- raise the literacy rate from the low 30% range to 70-80%.  This, he claims, gave them the great potential for industrialization- which, he goes on to basically say they then pissed away on the military and other "non value added" pursuits.  And thus, they went from 1897, when their economic peers were Mexico and Brazil- to today, where their economic peers are... Mexico and Brazil.

But there's greater hope, he says, in Russia, because they have already learned the importance of increasing education among the masses.  Now, they just gotta tie it to a market economy model instead of Communism.

And who knows, he could be right?  After all, imagine Pravda publishing an article like this 100 years ago.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Dictator for life Martin and 10 intelligent men

Today I caught clips of the Jeff Sessions confirmation hearings, and I would have to say on that basis that Congress has got to be 535 of the dumbest individuals I have ever seen collected in one place.  Three questions highlighted this theorem.  First, 'would you start proceedings on Roy Moore if he is elected to the Congress?'  What's wrong with this question? (I mean other than the whole innocent until proven thing) First of all, placement or non-placement of Congressmen is a STATE issue, not a DOJ issue.  Second, if the state passes, then it is up to CONGRESS to decide whether to refuse him a seat or not.  Third, DOJ gets involved only if he committed a Federal crime- which accusations conveniently timed to strike while one is campaigning for a seat that the Democrat Party wants are NOT.

Second question: ' Would you prosecute the President if he asked you for information on ongoing investigations?  Because as you know that is very unconstitutional...'  What's wrong with that question?  First, it is by no means unconstitutional for a sitting President to ask the head of the DOJ, which answers TO HIM, questions- although in some cases it might be unethical.   Second, you were an idiot, because you claimed that something wasn't constitutional when most fourth graders from MY era coulda told you you were wrong.

Third Question: 'Can you tell us if your investigation has uncovered any links between Hillary Clinton and the Russians?'  Sessions correctly answered that he could NOT answer, because in answering it would prove the existence OF such an investigation- which the questioner damn well knew.  It was a phishing scam, and Sessions saw right through it.

Then if you would, throw in the repeated tactic of asking a 2 minute long question and then interrupting the answer to say, "Just yes or no, I don't have much time."  To tell the truth, It wouldn't have been more than 15 minutes, were I Jeff Sessions, before I turned to the Chair and asked, "Mr Chairman, are these people really the Congressional Committee, or did the Remedial Education tour just wander in and sit down?"  And that is why I myself could only govern as a dictator.  I would make first priority the creating of idiocy as a Capital offense.  And that would surely make Congress more efficient, because a nation can be governed far better by a leader and 10 intelligent men than by a leader and 535 idiots.

On the subject of dictatorial, I guess I am wound up about this because I had to battle another round of "Trump's a Nazi" stupidity this weekend.  Without going down the whole road (but I will later if forced), what pissed me off during this set-to were three things.

1- In explaining (for the millionth time) why that mindset is a bunch of BS, I was told that I was making "knee jerk, emotional reactions".

2- I was informed that my fellow debater was 'well respected in academia', and I guess that meant that the only logical arguments were different angles of their original point.

3- I was told that it was perfectly okay for him to say that "concentration camps may come in the near future" because, after all, "Comparison is not the same as labelling. "

Again, I won't go down through reply and counter accusation, but my responses boil down to these:

1- Because chicken-little comparisons of people you don't like to one of the top five mass murderers in history is so logical and level headed.

2- And just peeling off two recent stories about said academia- banishing the words "he" and "she" for a new "gender neutral" list of pronouns, and removing a plaque of George Washington from a chapel at George Washington University because he "may offend minorities" (who somehow weren't offended enough not to go to a school NAMED AFTER HIM)- and I think anyone with common sense might agree that you might just want to keep the respect you get from academia under your hat...

3- Ah, innuendo, that greatest of the skills of politicians.  "I didn't compare them, I just threw them in the same sack and shook well.  Is it MY fault the chicken has shake and bake all over it?"

Which actually brings me off this subject to another, related one.  The POTUS has been missing in much of the news lately.  Unless you count the Russian thing (which, if Hillary did it, or Obama, it would be "globalism", while for Trump it's "treason"), or wanna tie him up on all the sex stuff (again, he's a monster for saying he may have engaged in a little grab and run- well, maybe more than that, but when all your accusers can only come out when it's convenient, I am a bit skeptical- while a certain former POTUS is a serial cheater at best and a government subsidised rapist at worst, and questioning him is "a big conspiracy" and leave the poor boy alone), the only thing he was in the news for was zinging Kim El Fatty on Twitter- which of all the things he has done 'below the dignity of the office' on Twitter, is by far my favorite.  Ah, innuendo, that greatest skill of a politician.

And now, my rant over, I hope you all see the underlying point of this post.  I suppose I could have made it clearer by sticking my handy dandy MWN logo at the top, because it all boils down to the same thing.  Politics in the 2000's is stupid; it is getting progressively stupider; and anyone that invests so much of themselves in it as to "be a part of the resistance" or hoping that the swamp will actually get drained- well, you really need to get a better life, because you're pissing away the one you have on stupid.  Peace and Love to all!

Monday, November 13, 2017

Peanut's birthday party

So the little man that can got an official birthday party with presents and all Saturday.  Gampaw got there early, in order to get a little of this...

Hi, Gampaw!

...and a little of this...

That's him throwing a bit of a tantrum.  It wasn't a big one- no banging of the head- and I told him he was faking because he never kicked his legs.  The upshot is, he needed a power nap before the rest of the guests arrived.  And he got it, waking up just as the crowd startted to filter in, and he was ready to go!

Okay, bring it on...


It's all for ME?

Oh, I get it.  That was just a photo op...
He then proceeded to consume his chunk by repeatedly diving head first INTO it.  Which of course was a bit of a sticky situation...

...and soon led to the evil Dr Washcloth.  While Mommy went to get that, he entertained the guests by grunting some fake grunts, which he then laughed over when everyone else found it funny.  It was another in a series of false alarms and room-clearing farts that made Gampaw very proud.

Chillin' after the cake


"It says, "Grandpa Chris, Grandma Laurie, and... UNCLE SCRAPPY??!!?"
After the tons of clothes and a few really cool toys, , he decided he wanted to give Gampaw a hug...

...which drew a chorus of "Awwww"s... so he toddled back to Mommy, then back to Gampaw for another hug.  This goes on for about 6 or 7 trips...

...then he catches on, and gets about here- lets out a yell/laugh, and takes off the other way!

Later, when the crowd wound down, me and him got in some play time with a fire engine his big buddy Chuck got him.  And finally, it was getting time to leave.  I guess he sensed it, because he came up wanting me to pick him up.  I held onto him and chit-chatted for a while, and handed him over to Daddy, as Mommy was getting some cake for the AWOL due to illness Grandma Laurie.  But, he kicked AWAY from Daddy- who said, "He's never done that before"- and back to Gampaw he came!  After another minute or so, I passed him over, took the cake, and started to leave- with him staring with a "Wait, where are you going?' look on his face.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Sunday Message: Seeds and Leaven part 2

So last week, I ended with the question, why am I not going to church?  Because I certainly can't respond to anybody talking about why they aren't going if I am not.  This is by necessity going to be confessional.  But I need to go through it so you can understand what these Sunday messages have ALWAYS been about.

Saturday morning I was listening to a sermon by Chip Ingram, who is not necessarily one of my "go-to" guys.  But he began this day by hitting on a topic that interested me.  He explained that there were 4 instances in his life where someone loved him enough to share a hard truth, that changed his life and moved him in the direction he is now going.  All four happening after he gave his life to Christ.

The first was, shortly after accepting Christ, he was also accepting a non-Christian woman in his life, in a way that was making him compromise Christ for her.  A friend pointed out Paul's quote about not being unequally yoked.  He prayed about it, and saw that he was right- the relationship with her was derailing his relationship with God.  And I said, "Been there, done that, got a few t-shirts."

The second was at a Bible camp, and a leader took him aside and said, "You're jumping through all the right hoops, but I don't think you're doing it to please God.  I think that you do it to please men, and it's making you arrogant."  This is a big check box for me as our story goes on.

The third was as a young pastor at a small country church, full of big family groupings, and lots of politics.  A deacon warned him to stay steadfast, don't compromise the Word because of pressure from other people.  Got that one too, at times.

And the fourth was at a leadership evaluation, when right in front of his wife he was told, "Chip, you are a lazy pastor.  You don't make full use of the gifts you have been given."  BIG check mark there.

But as I thought about it, I realized the unifying theme to his story was that after every admonition, "I prayed about it that night."  And this is my laziness.  And it is born of my core nature.

For me, self-realization- the concept of being a human being- has always gone hand-in-hand with self-importance.  How do you make others important on the same level if all you ever hear in your mind is you?  It has robbed me of so many good things in life by making me a taker rather than a giver.  It has made me a source of division by creating a need to be in control of things that just aren't IN my control.  It has made me a storyteller in my own mind- my whole life sometimes feels like a verse from the Carly Simon song, Anticipation:

But I, I rehearsed those lines just late last night
When I was thinkin' about how right tonight might be

Everything having to be written out in my mind, in triplicate.  And all of these things lead me away from TRULY opening up to God about a lot of things.

The problem is now, I SEE it.  I'm not going to go into the whole thing about what happened in my first break with church, other to say that that need for control on my part compounded a deteriorating situation and made it worse.  That church revived, and now thrives, and I am so proud of the people who have built it into what it has become.  And I wish I could be a part of it.  But when we returned to it a few years back for a couple of Sundays, I figured out quickly that there were some severe problems with me.

First, I had come into a leadership role before, lost it, and knew in my heart I would be discontent outside of at least somewhat of a leadership role.  And God wasn't having that.  I had to get to a point where I could humble myself.

And I don't think I am even close, even after all this.  If a Bible study is missing the point, I want to bring it up.  If the pastor is wrong on something, I want to be able to call him on it.  Which makes me at the very least an opinion leader, which is where it all falls apart again. 

I have a spine of pride that drapes itself in false humility.  On these pages, I share with you- or try to- my battle to learn true humility.  I don't write these posts saying to myself, "I'll share this because I know it and you don't".  I share it saying, "This is what I learned about myself this week, and I'm sharing it so I remember to APPLY it."  At least, this is what I pray to do.  But being a lazy prayer warrior when it comes to myself, I don't often go to God and say, "You know something?  I have no clue whatsoever about humility.  I need You to TEACH me."

At least until the guy told Chip Ingram HE was lazy- and I saw it in myself.  And I prayed that prayer, for maybe the first sincere time.

Those of you that read these posts, please CALL me on this.  When you see me being lazy, self-righteous, flat out wrong, TELL ME.  If this is going to be healthy for any of us, it has to work in all of us.  And I will try and pray more effectively, for you all and for myself.

Friday, November 10, 2017

Time Machine co-ordinates VIXXVIII456111061

Today, we go to November 11, 1961, and we had a busy day!  First, the great (and yeah, I did read it) novel Catch-22 came out today.  Gotta love that Yossarian!  Also it was "Get rid of Stalin" day in the USSR, as the cities of Stalingrad, Stalinsk, and Stalino suddenly became Volgograd, Novokuznetsk, and Donetsk.

"And I got demoted back to Ioseb Jughashvili..."
And finally, the US sent a monkey named Goliath into space- or would have, had the Atlas rocket not blown up a half-minute in.  Supposedly there was an article referenced about the story once the monkey's cinders remains were found from the Miami Herald, but when I went to see if there was a picture, I got this:

 This is not Goliath the spider monkey, but U Thant, who became SecGen of the UN about a week before Goliath became a s'more.

Anyway, this is Time Machine, and this week's show features, among other things, the return of The Shacks to the M10- and they bring Plume Of Feathers with 'em; what the Eagles, Doobies, and Toto have to do with either Daryl Hall or the Electric Indian; Sandy Nelson makes his second stop in in about 3 weeks; and Johnny Tillotson does the Panel thing!  No catches here, gang!


And we open today's show with Plume Of Feathers, who return for a second trip into the M10.  Debuting at #9...


Today we bring in Johnny Tillotson as our POTM, to give us the Panel Picks!  How are you today?

Just fine.  Say, is this really the 1961 me?

Yep.  You've been talking to Gary Troxel, haven't you?

Well, uh... he said this gig don't pay...

Well, it's not really you.  If it were really you, I would probably have to pay you.

So why not get the real me?  I'm still alive, aren't I?

Well, yeah, but I just do this to...

I'm going to have to leave myself a note to sue you 56 years from now.

But don't you see?  People 56 years after YOU do the show are hearing about you again, bringing interest to your name and hits to your website.


Trust me, it's a good thing.  Might even make you some money there doing the show here.

Really?  A lot?

'Bout as much as this interview is worth...

Okay, let's do it!

Good, good.  Here's the list, you have 8 candidates from 29 stations.

Okay, let's see... first up is Jimmy Dean's Big Bad John, which was Cashbox's #1 this week... say, is this my this week or your this week?

Yours, currently.  It comes and goes.

Okay... I guess... next is someone called George, Johnny, and the Pilots with Flying Blue Angels.  They bubbled under on Billboard in September.  Bet they didn't get many votes.

Johnny Burnette was #44 on CB with God Country And My Baby.

James Darren was at #30- and was the biggest mover this week, up from 66 for a 36-notch jump- with Goodbye Cruel World.

Oh, and that reminds me I forgot last week's big jumper- which is unfortunate, because it was Kathy Young's A Thousand Stars, which moved up 29 spots from 98 to 69.

The Tokens were at #118- their first charting week- with The Lion Sleeps Tonight.  And it would only take FIVE weeks to hit the top!

Bob Moore was at #20 with Mexico.

The Marvelettes were at #4 with Please Mr Postman.

Dion was at #2 with Runaround Sue.  Say, what about number three?

Gets the 6D treatment this week- no Panel votes.

So what was it?  Just whisper it to me...

NO!  You get it when everyone else does.

Hmph, Elvis was right about you!  Troy Shondell was at #6 with This Time.

And last on the list is Bobby Edwards and You're The Reason, which CB had at #15.

Alright, nice job, Johnny.  So we had a big winner this week- almost 38% of the vote!  But who was it?  Choose this week from Jimmy Dean, James Darren, Dion, and the Marvelettes- #s 1, 2, 4, and 20!


So who is Tim Moore?

Well, to go with the teaser, in 1977 he released his third lp, White Shadows, which featured amongst the backing musicians Michael McDonald (soon to be Doobie Brothers), Jeff Porcaro (someday Toto), and Timothy B Schmit ('Long Run' era  Eagles).  You might actually know him best as the writer of Rock And Roll Love Letter for the Bay City Rollers.  But he was into a lot of interesting things.  He helped out on early Steely Dan, and Donald Fagen sang on his first lp.  Frank Zappa wanted to sign him, but he wanted Zappa to produce him, and Frank was too busy touring.  He was a member of Todd Rundgren's first band, Woody's Truck Stop, and played with Daryl Hall in an outfit called Gulliver.   And at Daryl Hall we jump off and mention that the later Hall and Oates superstar got a start in a band called The Electric Indian, who did a one-off called Keem-O-Sabe.  Also in that grouping was one Len Borisoff- who you know better as Len Barry, who had the big hit 1-2-3 in '65.  And Len got his start as a member of the Dovells, who were at #3 this week with a song I can't believe never got a Panel vote- the Bristol Stomp.


So maybe you got to see the Shacks doing This Strange Effect- which was in the M10 about this time last year- on an IPhone ad.   As a result, they released the tune as a "single" (or what passes as one these days), and I got to hear the flip side on Spotify last week.  Thing is- bad for you- they haven't put out a video yet, and nobody's gotten around to  posting an audio clip on YouTube.  However, if you click through to this page on BandCamp, you can listen to the tune.  It's called Fly Fishing- and it comes in all the way up at #5.


Stat Pack time!

Sandy Nelson- who got TM love a couple weeks back, is back with Let There Be Drums as the #61 in '61!

Claude King- who would be a pop one-hit-wonder in a bit with Wolverton Mountain in the top 3- is at #101 this week with the hit just before, The Comancheros.  It would climb quick for a couple of weeks, then crap out at #76. 

I knew 18 on this countdown- moving back up!

And in the UK, they love Elvis, and he's at their top with the two sided (Marie's The Name of) His Latest Flame/Little Sister.  Little Sister was on the way down at #52 here.  Our #1 on Cashbox- Big Bad John- was at #4 there, and would peak at #2.


And with that, we head to the rest of the M10.

For a second week in a row, a former #1 pauses at 10 on the way out- this time it's Ducktails with Light A Candle, after 8 weeks.

And at #8, another former #1- Tom Petty's Walls (No. 3), falling 5.

Nothing But Thieves tumbles 2 to #7 with Broken Machine.

UDL (see last week) move up one to #6 with Rewind.

I'm going to start calling #9 the launching pad.  Two weeks ago, Mo Kenny was at 9, and went to #2.  Last week, Dent May was at #9 with Picture On A Screen- and this week, he leaps to #4.

Alvvays squeezes out one more week of climbing, moving up 1 to #3 with Your Type.  A good week next week could give them the biggest hit they have had yet on the M10!

The Derevs drop to #2- and might not move again for a while- with Something Good.

And at the top?

...Mo Kenney with Unglued!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And on the Panel?  Well, the Marvelettes got 10.3%...
Dion got 13.8%...
 James Darren got 17.2%...

So that means next week's POTM will be...

...Jimmy Dean with Big Bad John!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow, that's a wear-the-grooves-out-as-a-kid hit at the top!  I wonder if we might do it again when we once more ask the musical question- where were you in '62!  See ya then!